About Us

Biotech Associates Limited, Incorpoprated

FRANKLIN P. PARKS, FOUNDER:  Overall management, sales and marketing, purchasing, research and product development.
Education background:  Bachelor of Science – attended Tennessee Polytechnic Institute Cookeville, Tennessee, degree from the University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. Master of Science – Animal Nutrition Division of Animal Science, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. Doctorate Degree – Biochemistry and Nutrition, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho.  Also attended Texas A & M University and Washington State University. Franklin passed away May 18, 2012.

CHARLES W. PARKS, President:  Over all operations, product production, inventory control, product quality control, equipment (company and customer) care and repair, shipping and deliveries, and purchasing.

DONNA R. PARKS, General Manager:  Oversees company business, supervises office, keeps track of all employees and agents, PR with customers, and takes customer orders and deliveries.  Generally keeps everything together and operating.

Frank started  BioTech Associates single handed.  He would sell the product, make the product, deliver, invoice and bank it for the first year.  Thereafter, Donna joined to help and Chuck joined in 1988 to help with the growing business.

BioTech is a major supplier of special ingredients to the animal feed industry in the domestic United States as well as internationally.  The industry standard,  Quality products include:  mold inhibitors for feeds and grains; conditioner surfactants for moisture control in grains which are steam processed for animal feed;  complexed trace minerals for greater bio-availability to animals; yucca dry powder and liquid extracts used in animal feeds to reduce ammonia in confined housing; direct fed microbial blends to improve degradation of feedstuffs within the animal digestive tract resulting in increased available nutrients for absorption; and enzyme products for specific feed utilization improvements.

Company Mission Statement:

To Set The Industry Standard for Service And Quality Products.

Each year the Annual Shareholders and Board of Directors meetings set the company goals:  1 year, 3 year, 5 year and long range.  In 1996 we outgrew our leased facility, purchased ten acres of land and moved our plant to its present location in Fresno, California.  Although we are a “small company” by industry standards, our annual sales are in the millions.  We are proud to say that we have grown in sales and product lines each year since BioTech’s inception.

Vital statistics:

Franklin P. Parks:  B.S. agriculture, University of Idaho, 1960; M.S. in Ag and Soils, University of Idaho, 1963; Ph.D. Nutrition, University of Idaho, 1974.  Many honors and organizations.  Worked in the animal feed/nutrition industry for 45+ years in various capacities. 

Donna R. Parks:  University of Idaho, Home Ec. Ed.  Accredited
Travel Agent; Accredited Medical Records Librarian.

Charles W. Parks:  Graduate OMI – Private Electronics School.