BioTech is a major supplier of special ingredients to the animal feed industry in the domestic United States as well as internationally.  The industry standard, 

Quality products include:  mold inhibitors for feeds and grains; conditioner surfactants for moisture control in grains which are steam processed for animal feed;  complexed trace minerals for greater bio-availability to animals; yucca dry powder and liquid extracts used in animal feeds to reduce ammonia in confined housing; direct fed microbial blends to improve degradation of feedstuffs within the animal digestive tract resulting in increased available nutrients for absorption; and enzyme products for specific feed utilization improvements. read more

Our Products

ETX-5 brings together extensive research to maximize product efficacy across the widest possible range of feed hallenges.
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Liquid Mold Inhibitor
An innovative non-corrosive liquid mold inhibitor for processed feed ingrediants and animal feeds.
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